Frequently Asked Questions

Below you will find the most asked questions…some are useful, some are just funny which I had to include. I think my answers help with getting to know my personality and my humour before meeting.

Yes and no.

I am proud to be apart of the PLX Toronto Collective which is giving me the opportunity to host in Mississauga and to have access to not only their clients but their booking staff. Although I will still require enough bookings to make my trip worth it (which can be done through me or them), if I have enough dates booked, same-day bookings through PLX will be possible.

Elevate Spa and Seduction Airport are erotic massage spas near Steeles and Vic Park and the Airport.

I have always worked in a spa and maintain a few days a month there. I do have a different name there so either check my Twitter or email me to inquire.

I highly suggest if you’d like to see me, but aren’t able to commit to my minimum time and can’t catch me on a day I have listed as “Incall,” that you call Elevate or Seduction Airport and book a session with me there! Please note that I do not take bookings for spa sessions, you must book through the spa (please make sure you know which location I am at to avoid any miscommunications in your appointment).

The only difference between a session there and at either mine or yours, is there are different time options and the location of course. The listed prices on the spa site are for massage only. So please come prepared if you’d like to explore a more in depth experience at the spa. 

Elevate Spa: 416-630-4409

Seduction Airport: 416-798-1888

As I do not take part in review culture, and keep everything fairly PG on Twitter, I feel like I should explain what to expect.

I always conduct myself in a ladylike manner. I dress for the occasion, I always have light make up and my hair and nails done.

I wear heels unless requested otherwise and have fine lingerie.

My personality is sassy and sweet. I am a passionate person and open up for a perfect gentleman who treats me like a princess.

I am a chemistry based person and find that all my interactions in life with others are based on this. I am sweet and kind, I love to tease and joke and love a man I can have great banter with and conversation. Who I am depends on you.
I have only met a few people in my long career who have not gotten the usual me… a few things they have all had in common were: Rude, pushy, bad hygiene and didn’t know how to read their partner.
When I feel disrespected or unsafe, I will become closed off and cold or end the date.

I think part of this industry is for us both to be able to read each other. Consent is sexy and when your partner gets stiff or becomes quiet and seemingly uncomfortable, it’s time to check in with yourself and see what you might be doing to cause that. Better yet, check in with them and listen to what they say.

We are expected to go 0-100 within 20 mins of meeting or less and we aren’t all going to have great chemistry; that’s just life. It is my gift to make sure we do have chemistry and the only time I can not, is if something is seriously off.
I enjoy this and am lucky to always have manifested amazing gentlemen in my life which I am grateful for, let’s continue this streak <3

I don’t entertain many requests…If you see something on my site you wish for me to wear, please let me know. If it’s something very specific I agree to once we are acquainted, please purchase the items and have them ready for me or send me an EMT for me to purchase them.

If you would like me to be casual (yoga pants) feel free to make that known! As long I am not going somewhere where I would look seriously out of place in that attire, I am all for it!

If you’re running late please let me know as quickly as possible. I share an incall space so the grace period I am able to offer is quite small, especially if I am touring or another lady is booked in after me. When possible I will have a grace period of 15 mins.

When you arrive please do not loiter at the front of my incall as I try to remain discreet at all times. I allow you to be buzzed up 5 mins before our date is to start. Email or text when you arrive and I will send the buzzer and unit number.

Please allow me to open the door and close it once you have entered before we start our greetings xo

I am seriously allergic to cigarette smoke and do not see clients who smoke. I get an instant headache/migraine if I smell it or smell it on you/on your breath. 

If you smoke weed or do edibles, I am fine with you to do this before our date or to vape/smoke out on the balcony. I have a few clients who enjoy being high during our dates and I love that for you! But I do not partake. If you are partaking in any other drugs, I will know you’re on something and ask you to leave/take my leave. “Come on Barbie, let’s go party!” is not in my repertoire. 

Fancy dinners usually aren’t complete without some wine or a scotch! I am more than okay if you consume a small amount of alcohol on our extended dates or wish to have a drink during our date if it’s 3 hours or longer. I also do not drink but encourage you to enjoy your time with me. If I feel like you have consumed too much (past the point of a fun tipsy) I will terminate our date unless we are quite close and I don’t feel in danger or highly annoyed.

No, sorry. I have photos on my site and Twitter. If I ever choose to show my face, you’ll be able to see it on my site and Twitter, until then, absolutely not.

My newest photos show the extent of my tattoos… I have added more to my leg sleeve since that shoot however.
I have a full arm sleeve, a delicate patch work which is still in progress on the other and most of a leg sleeve done to date.

My photos are barely edited as I have many tattoos which is also the only reason I now show them… kind of had no choice at this point but to show them and because of them, I am damn near impossible to photoshop.

Sometimes things get lost in the interwebs…I suggest checking your spam and trash folders before reaching out again.
If you can’t find a reply there, maybe you typed your email wrong on the booking form? Please reach out directly.. If you still don’t get a response, chances are you failed my screening and it’s best to move on.

You can fail screening from missing information on my form, putting in wrong information, by being vulgar or from simply being vague. If you think you made a bad impression with your introduction being vague, I would reach out again by filling out the form again. Sometimes people are shy and it comes off as vague or unsure and sometimes people are bad at self-introductions..but this is all I have to go off of in my decision to see you or not and great first impressions are foreplay to me.

Absolutely I will! I love pets…if you know anything about me you know I am all about dogs.

I am allergic to cats but can load up on allergy meds and give it a shot…usually this works if your home is kept immaculately clean, fresh sheets etc. and I don’t touch your cat… which will make me sad but I am willing to take one for the team.

If you have a dog, please make sure their obedience is good or it is crated when I arrive. I have never had an issue but know ladies who have…dogs have jumped on them and bitten them and ruined their nice clothing/shoes which is a no no from us all. Also, be prepared to lose at least 15 mins of our date to your dog as I will want snuggles and be obsessed with your dog. “I love you,” will also leave my lips but it’s for your dog… you can think it was for you if that helps you sleep at night though.

Listen, John, that’s your prerogative. No one is forcing you to see me. You can pick any provider you wish; why you are trying to choose one whose boundaries are obviously not aligned with yours will never make sense to me.
I am far too expensive for that.
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