Please read this portion of my site in its entirety. I try to provide the most information possible to help you in your decision making process and to avoid back and fourths or any faux pas.

I truly believe a man who has done his research and knows what he wants and how to get it to be the sexiest thing in the world. Our chemistry begins building from the time I receive your booking request… let’s make sure we start off on the right foot!

Please note my current incall is located near the Rogers Centre in downtown Toronto.

Screening & deposits are required for all new and some existing clients. Deposits are via email money transfer (EMT). I only accept gas cards for Esso gas stations at my discretion if you choose to screen with real world information.

Deposits are non-refundable unless I need to cancel our date and we cannot reschedule within a reasonable time frame or if you sent a gift card as a deposit.

I require 48 hours notice for all cancellations. Failing to do so will result in a 100% cancellation fee. That being said, I know life happens. On occasions I deem it proper to do so, I will forgive the cancellation fee. Failing to pay a cancellation fee that has not been forgiven will result in not being able to book me in the future.

My love language is scent! Nothing gets me going like a perfectly groomed, fresh scented and clean gentleman.
Fresh breath and a fresh all over scent is paramount. I love cologne but please be aware of how much you are applying.

If you are visiting me, I will supply everything you need upon arrival.

If I am visiting you, please make sure you have showered and used mouthwash before my arrival.

If I feel you are not clean or have body odor which is impeding my ability to offer the experience I am known for, I will ask you to shower again or end the date without refund at my discretion.
Some smells you can’t get rid of with soap and mouthwash… please keep in mind the foods you eat in the days prior to our date.

If we are well acquainted and you require a reference to see another provider, please make you contact me prior to for permission.

I will need your consent to confirm seeing you to another companion as well as to know whom I am allowed to divulge this information too. Please only give other companions my site/email that are listed publicly for contact.

I do not partake in review culture and have a strict No Review Policy (NRP). I do have a section on my site for compliments if you’d like to send them to me to be posted. Please keep them tasteful.

I do not offer a list of services. I offer an experience which can not be replicated. The experience you get will depend entirely on your behaviour and hygiene as well as our chemistry.

I love a perfect gentleman. I will terminate a date without refund if I feel disrespected or unsafe.

Please do not EVER bring anyone else with you on our date or have anyone else in your home/hotel room while I am there.

If you are visiting me, please place the envelope on the kitchen island when you arrive. I always start off my dates with a drink and a chat to get to know each other before showing you to the bathroom.

If I am visiting you, please place the envelope in the bathroom where I will excuse myself to freshen up.

I find it unladylike to have to ask or remind you. I will not excuse you to the bathroom or excuse myself to freshen up before this matter has been discreetly taken care of.

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