You are so close! I can feel your enthusiasm through the booking form and look forward to yours reaching me so we can finalize our date. Remember that first impressions are important; make this one count!

Please note that you may also book me through PLX Toronto for any dates. Spa appointments must be booked through the spa at the correct location by phone.

Screening Options

ID Verification: You will send a photo of your ID and a photo of you holding your ID as well as a piece of paper with the date and my name on it. I must be able to confirm you and your ID match.

Work Verification: You will send me your work email/number & extension with a link to your company’s website where I can verify the information via the company’s online directory. Either a phone call to your work via a blocked number or a discreet email exchange will be set up to verify it is you.

References: This is my least preferred method as not all providers share the same level of expectation when it comes to clients. You will need to provide 2 references from reputable providers you have seen in the last 6 months. I will need your references’ websites, links to one of their active ads as well as their Twitters if they have one. Please make sure you ask their permission before listing them as a reference and make sure they know I will be contacting them within 2 days to make sure they are able to respond quickly.

I reserve the right to refuse any or all of your references. My advice is to always be prepared to use real world ID to be screened.

Booking Form

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